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One Week in Roatán with #TravelerOntheGO Nicole Kestenbaum

Where was your vacation or trip? My amazing trip was to the Caribbean island of Roatán in Honduras and I was there for a whole, glorious week.

Turquoise waters in Pigeon Key. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

A brief description of your experience…I was in Roatán to be a bilingual emcee for the biggest fashion show of the island, The Roatán Fashion Show. I was also there to support my good friend who has a coffee shop and was participating in the runway show as a designer with her jewelry collection.

I Love Roatán beach sign. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Your favorite thing to do and eat there…My favorite thing to do while I was there was definitely spending time at the sandy white beach and turquoise waters. You can find me with a coconut in hand and tanning (with great sun protection of course!).

Roatán has great seafood restaurants. The food is fresh and the beachfront views are spectacular. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Besides a fresh coconut, some of my favorite dishes include, “pollo al carbon,” real corn tortillas and a Barena Beer. Nothing in the world tastes like “pollo al carbon” which literally translates to “charcoal chicken” but it’s basically chicken roasted in an open fire and the method of roasting makes for a juicy chicken with the most delicious smoky flavor.

One of my favorite dishes is this awesome Seafood Soup served at the Paradise Hotel. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Where did you stay? (If a hotel, name, and location) We stayed at The Mayan Princess Hotel, which has a beautiful beach and great accommodations. Our villa had a balcony perfect for breakfast, a kitchen, and two huge rooms, perfect for traveling with a group of friends or family.

Mayan Princess Hotel. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Would you go back? Why? I can’t wait to go back to Roatán! The beach, the food, the people, the weather; I miss everything about this hidden gem in the Caribbean.


Swimming with Dolphins ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Expectations- Visit the island between April and May when it’s the sunniest. The rest of the year is still warm but you might encounter some rain.

Hotel recommendations-The Honduran Mayan Princess or Paradise Hotel.

Awesome views from the helicopter on our way to Pigeon Key. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Restaurants, Excursions, Sightseeing Trails, etc.- You have to visit Little French Key and take a helicopter to a private island like Pigeon Key. These tiny keys and islands are magical and pristine. Bring a bottle of wine and some snacks for a picnic at Pigeon Key or a yoga mat for some serious private island exercise.

Great view of Roatán from the airplane. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Overall heads up- Travel light, packs your favorite swimwear and take insect repellent.

Any upcoming trips planned for this year? Where and when? This year we might be taking our baby boy on his first trip to Madrid to visit his grandparents and the rest of the family in Spain.

Beautiful Caribbean sunset in Roatán. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

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