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Exploring Quito, Ecuador with Róndine Alcalá

Greeting from La Mitad del Mundo.

Where was your vacation or trip?  Quito, Ecuador for three days.

I went to Quito in 2005, but I was for there for work so I had no recollection of actually getting to know the city. So it felt like the first time and I was truly inspired by its beauty. My friend and I arrived without plans other than seeing the wonderful and talented Pablo Alboran in concert. Little did we know that Quito had many surprises.

Pablo Alboran Concert in Quito, Ecuador.

Basilica Del Voto Nacional with my friend Alejandra Garcia

Centro Histórico

For two days, we walked more than 7 miles and visited the iconic Centro Histórico, ate local food (loved the Locro Soup) and also visited La Mitad del Mundo town, which was gilled with interesting museums, folkloric dances, delicious cacao milkshakes and lots of history. 

Sunset from el Centro Histórico

Basílica Del Voto Nacional

Favorite food. 

Locro Soup was so delicious. The coffee was off the charts, and please don’t laugh, but we tried this Spanish Tortilla de patatas that was so good, we had it more than once.


Locro de Papas

Ecuadorian Coffee ?

Where did you stay? Dann Carlton Hotel 

¿Would you go back? Yes, it was beautiful, the staff super kind, it was clean and very confortable. Great location and in the lobby they have a little coffee shop, Europa Cafe, that I highly recommend. 

Infused water at Europa Cafe in Dann Carlton Hotel. 

Tips and recommendations for someone traveling for the first time:

  • Pack confortable shoes. You will be walking a lot, your feet will talk you. Trust me.
  • Regardless how many days you visit, you have to go to La Mitad del Mundo, El Centro Historico and visit as many churches as possible.
  • Special visas or vaccines: NO

La Mitad del Mundo

La Mitad Del Mundo

Iglesia de San Agustín en el Centro Histórico

Inside la Basílica del Voto Nacional

El Palacio de Carondelet, where the Presidente lives.

Iglesia de Compañia Centro Histórico

Iglesia San Francisco en el Centro Histórico

Los Colores del Centro Histórico son para no olvidarse.

¿Next trip? ¿Where and when? Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit my parents.

¿How can we keep up with your travels?  @RondenePR