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Giving firm, comfortable and stylish steps.


Photo By: @monicamancia

Like many (and many) I love shoes. At the time of buying let me wear as they looked and if they were fashionable, but recently I look for comfort … and good style, always.

So I stumbled upon Mayan Roots Came very well.

These handmade shoes are made by Honduran hands using the best product of my country. They are easy to pack in the suitcase or wallet, elegant, practical and there are many styles and colors to choose from.

The “slippers” have become such garments that can not be missed on each trip.

Whenever I use them I receive compliments and there is no shortage of people asking me: “Where did you buy them?”

So for all interested and wanting to wear different shoes, good quality and support a family business, I invite you to access this link To be able to buy your favorite pair online. At the time of completing the purchase, do not forget to select which ones were recommended by “Maity on the GO”.  🙂

Enjoy and take firm, comfortable and stylish steps towards your next trip and adventure!