Maity on the Go


Thank you y muchas gracias for joining my new project: “Maity on the Go.”  This will be the place where  I will be sharing with you my travels, adventures, tips, and recommendations through photos and videos. I will also be featuring other very interesting travelers “on the go”, (yes, you will be part of this) with amazing stories and fun places to visit. This is only the beginning! I am excited to build a network that connects travelers all around the world.

As several of you have already figured out, I chose my birthday, January 15th, to start this long-term dream. I want to celebrate a new year and a new chapter in my life with this adventure that I hope you enjoy and that together we share experiences for a long time.

I am journalist who loves to tell stories, travel and meet new people. I’ve been lucky and blessed to be working on TV for the last ten years and had the chance to travel to places I only dreamed of. So now, I adventure into this new project “Maity on the Go” to share with you my recommendations, tips, and experiences. I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments. #MaityontheGo

With “Maity on the Go” I hope to inspire you to find the same passion that I discovered not so long ago in traveling. To learn that traveling is not a matter of distance, luxury, or budget, but more of the experiences in learning about other countries, cultures, traditions, interesting places, food, and even where to stay.

I hope “Maity on the Go” will become the tool you use when planning your next trip and your motivation to get out, explore and learn more!

Once again thanks for joining me in this adventure. Be sure to follow me all social media @MaityontheGo and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to find out the latest news.

Much love,
Maity Interiano