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Discovering the Magic of Donostia- San Sebastián with #TravelerOntheGo Laura Carolina

View of La Concha beach from Monte Igueldo.

This summer I decided to spend it in Spain to take a course of studies in Madrid. As I was not going to be working or generating income, I decided to be an Au Pair so I would not have to pay for lodging or food during my stay in the country. In the months of June and July, I had the opportunity to travel to different cities in Spain and then I tell you about the city that stole my heart.

La Concha plate, Donostia, San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain.

Where did you go on a trip / vacation and how long did you visit that place?

I went to Donostia-San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, Spain.

Make a brief description of your experience.

There are places in the world that one should visit at least once in life, I would say that in Spain, that place is San Sebastian. I have had the opportunity to travel to different parts of Europe, including countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, etc … but very few places have impressed me as much as this coastal city. Its people, its landscapes, its food, and the different cultures that meet visiting this city make San Sebastian a truly magical place.

The railings that surround La Concha beach have become the icon of Donostia-San Sebastián. King Alfonso XIII inaugurated the walk of the rails in 1916.

What was your favorite activity to do?

My favorite activities to do in San Sebastian were to reach Monte Igueldo by taking the cable car, going up to an attraction that is a little boat that goes around Monte Igueldo showing you some amazing views, and of course, enjoy La Concha beach. I recommend these three activities totally, especially if they only go for a weekend, like me.

San Sebastian is one of the most popular places in Spain to visit during the summer and receives visitors from all over the world.

What was your favorite food dish there?

San Sebastián is known as the capital of pinchos or pintxos (in the Euskera language), in the Basque Country. The pinchos are like small tapas that are eaten on a bread and a stick is placed to hold them. I can not name my favorite dish, because I lost count of all the skewers that I ate. That if a place to eat the famous pinchos is called Taberna Lete and is located on Calle 31 de Agosto, in the old part of the city.

Trays of pintxos in the tavern Lete.

Another place where I dined very well and at a good price was at the Ubarrechena restaurant, located on Calle Mayor, also in the Old Town.

Nothing better than to accompany your pintxos with a white wine of the house or a red of summer in the tavern Lete.

Where did you stay? (If it’s a hotel, name and location)

Like all young “on a budget” I stay in a boarding house called Aussie. I really do not recommend it. Although, it is located in a very central place and was very well priced, the bathrooms are shared and upon arrival, our reservation did not appear. The owner of the hostel was friendly and luckily she had a room available and we were able to stay there. My suggestion for you in question of accommodation would be to rent an Airbnb or hotels near the center.

Main Square of Donostia-San Sebastian located in the old part of the city.

Would you come back? Why?

I would go back every year, if I could. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been. It is a mixture of Capri in Italy with the Basque / Spanish culture.

San Bizente Eliza Catholic Church of San Sebastián.

Could you give advice to someone who plans to visit that place for the first time?

I recommend you stay in the Old Town of San Sebastian, near Boulevard Zumardia, since it will connect you directly to La Concha, it has many restaurants, and there are also different bars to enjoy the nightlife.

In the background you can see the beach Zurriola hondartza.

La mejor tempoarada para visitar la ciudada es en el verano (Junio-Septiembre). Para llegar desde Madrid o Barcelona les recomiendo ir en tren o en bus. Yo fui en un bus premium con la compania ALSA y lo recomiendo totalmente. No es necesario tener visado ni vacunas para visitar la ciudad después de su llegada a España.

Here I leave a video of my trip to San Sebastian.



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Exploring Quito, Ecuador with Róndine Alcalá

Greeting from La Mitad del Mundo.

Where was your vacation or trip?  Quito, Ecuador for three days.

I went to Quito in 2005, but I was for there for work so I had no recollection of actually getting to know the city. So it felt like the first time and I was truly inspired by its beauty. My friend and I arrived without plans other than seeing the wonderful and talented Pablo Alboran in concert. Little did we know that Quito had many surprises.

Pablo Alboran Concert in Quito, Ecuador.

Basilica Del Voto Nacional with my friend Alejandra Garcia

Centro Histórico

For two days, we walked more than 7 miles and visited the iconic Centro Histórico, ate local food (loved the Locro Soup) and also visited La Mitad del Mundo town, which was gilled with interesting museums, folkloric dances, delicious cacao milkshakes and lots of history. 

Sunset from el Centro Histórico

Basílica Del Voto Nacional

Favorite food. 

Locro Soup was so delicious. The coffee was off the charts, and please don’t laugh, but we tried this Spanish Tortilla de patatas that was so good, we had it more than once.


Locro de Papas

Ecuadorian Coffee ?

Where did you stay? Dann Carlton Hotel 

¿Would you go back? Yes, it was beautiful, the staff super kind, it was clean and very confortable. Great location and in the lobby they have a little coffee shop, Europa Cafe, that I highly recommend. 

Infused water at Europa Cafe in Dann Carlton Hotel. 

Tips and recommendations for someone traveling for the first time:

  • Pack confortable shoes. You will be walking a lot, your feet will talk you. Trust me.
  • Regardless how many days you visit, you have to go to La Mitad del Mundo, El Centro Historico and visit as many churches as possible.
  • Special visas or vaccines: NO

La Mitad del Mundo

La Mitad Del Mundo

Iglesia de San Agustín en el Centro Histórico

Inside la Basílica del Voto Nacional

El Palacio de Carondelet, where the Presidente lives.

Iglesia de Compañia Centro Histórico

Iglesia San Francisco en el Centro Histórico

Los Colores del Centro Histórico son para no olvidarse.

¿Next trip? ¿Where and when? Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit my parents.

¿How can we keep up with your travels?  @RondenePR 



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One Week in Roatán with #TravelerOntheGO Nicole Kestenbaum

Where was your vacation or trip? My amazing trip was to the Caribbean island of Roatán in Honduras and I was there for a whole, glorious week.

Turquoise waters in Pigeon Key. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

A brief description of your experience…I was in Roatán to be a bilingual emcee for the biggest fashion show of the island, The Roatán Fashion Show. I was also there to support my good friend who has a coffee shop and was participating in the runway show as a designer with her jewelry collection.

I Love Roatán beach sign. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Your favorite thing to do and eat there…My favorite thing to do while I was there was definitely spending time at the sandy white beach and turquoise waters. You can find me with a coconut in hand and tanning (with great sun protection of course!).

Roatán has great seafood restaurants. The food is fresh and the beachfront views are spectacular. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Besides a fresh coconut, some of my favorite dishes include, “pollo al carbon,” real corn tortillas and a Barena Beer. Nothing in the world tastes like “pollo al carbon” which literally translates to “charcoal chicken” but it’s basically chicken roasted in an open fire and the method of roasting makes for a juicy chicken with the most delicious smoky flavor.

One of my favorite dishes is this awesome Seafood Soup served at the Paradise Hotel. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Where did you stay? (If a hotel, name, and location) We stayed at The Mayan Princess Hotel, which has a beautiful beach and great accommodations. Our villa had a balcony perfect for breakfast, a kitchen, and two huge rooms, perfect for traveling with a group of friends or family.

Mayan Princess Hotel. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Would you go back? Why? I can’t wait to go back to Roatán! The beach, the food, the people, the weather; I miss everything about this hidden gem in the Caribbean.


Swimming with Dolphins ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Expectations- Visit the island between April and May when it’s the sunniest. The rest of the year is still warm but you might encounter some rain.

Hotel recommendations-The Honduran Mayan Princess or Paradise Hotel.

Awesome views from the helicopter on our way to Pigeon Key. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Restaurants, Excursions, Sightseeing Trails, etc.- You have to visit Little French Key and take a helicopter to a private island like Pigeon Key. These tiny keys and islands are magical and pristine. Bring a bottle of wine and some snacks for a picnic at Pigeon Key or a yoga mat for some serious private island exercise.

Great view of Roatán from the airplane. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Overall heads up- Travel light, packs your favorite swimwear and take insect repellent.

Any upcoming trips planned for this year? Where and when? This year we might be taking our baby boy on his first trip to Madrid to visit his grandparents and the rest of the family in Spain.

Beautiful Caribbean sunset in Roatán. ©2018 Nicole Lipstick and Brunch

Were can we keep up with your adventures? You can follow me on Instagram @lipstickandbrunch and on my website by clicking here.


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UTILA: My little piece of heaven on earth! Juan Miguel Diban

Where was your vacation? Utila, my little piece of heaven on earth, also the smallest of the three major Bay Islands, located off Honduras’ north coast in the Caribbean Sea. I´ve been visiting the island almost every year since the first time I went in 2005, it was love at first sight. Last time I stayed for 6 days, and trust me, it’s never enough!

Little Key beach.

I love Utila; its beaches, its good vibes, the beautiful keys, and its laid-back atmosphere definitely make it my favorite spot in Honduras. The main activity and biggest attraction on the island is scuba diving; its considered one the best and cheapest destinations on earth to get your PADI license. 

Atardecer desde el muelle municipal.

During the day, you can rent a bike and stroll down through its narrow streets, which are full of dive centers, coffee shops, resto-bars and funky places. Nightlife is also one of its highlights, offering fun nights of “anything goes” spirit, full of people from all around the world, cheap drinks and good music.

Vista desde Mango Tango Cafe.

How to get there? You can get to La Ceiba by land, and then take a ferry to Utila. Or you can fly from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba, with a local airline like Aerolíneas Sosa.

Sunrise and La Ceiba photobombing, seen from the Utila Dream Ferry, around 6:00 a.m.

Your favorite thing to do and eat there. My absolute favorite thing to do once in Utila is visit the stunning keys around the island. Their white sandy beaches invite you to enjoy the landscape, swim in its turquoise water and snorkel. I also enjoy riding a bike to discover new places and to work out a little. To move around the island you can rent bikes, scooters, golf karts or four wheelers.

Another favorite spot on the island is Neptunes at Coral Beach Village, a beautiful beach club and resort located a 15 minutes boat ride away from the main town; the ride is totally worth it. Its location is amazing and the food is really good.

My favorite season to visit the island is for New Year´s Eve, not that empty, not that full, with great parties and the weather during this time is perfect.

Chepe’s Beach

There are also two nice beaches on the island: Bando Beachand Chepe’s Beach.Bando Beach and Chepe´s Beach. Bando is kind of a private beach club, with a volleyball court, water sports and a bar. The place is clean and has huts and beach chairs for you to enjoy the view. The salty water is cool, but not cold. Cover is around $4. Chepe´s the public beach, at the other end of the main road in town. In high season, it gets crowded and it’s the place to be and party early at noon.

Munchies: One of the oldest in the island, recently renovated, serving delicious breakfast, healthy bowls, american snacks, paninis, great coffee and pastries.

Fruit bowl at  Munchies

Mario’s Place: Mario is  a really nice guy, who likes to surprise you with the best seafood dishes on the island, Honduran style.

Ceviche and traditional honduran fried fish with plantain chips and salad, at Mario´s Place.

Che Pancho:  A small place runned by an Argentinian family, offering you many Argentinian casual dishes, like the famous choripanes, milanesas, sandwiches, salads and smoothies.

Mango Tango Café: Salads and pasta are their specialty, with a beautiful view of the bay. Don´t forget to ask for their Lion fish carpaccio, it´s delicious!

Mango Tango Café

Neptunes:   I’ve tried many dishes and they are all really good, specially the tuna tartare, quesadillas, fish fingers, and of course their cocktails and signature drinks.

The famous tuna tartare at Neptunes

La Piccola: Delicious Italian food, prepared with fresh and local products. Best of all, they bake their own bread!

Tranquila Bar: You’ll pass it several times a day you’ll be lured for a drink, or four. It’s the main place to party on the island with drink specials every day, like its famous ¨Tequila Tuesday¨.

Bar Skid Row: Ask for the Guiffity Challenge and come back home with a funny tank top.

Where did you stay? I usually stay in a cozy apartment up the hill near the airport. But the island has really good places to stay like: Mango Inn, Utila Lodge, Trudy´s, Coral Beach Village, Utopia Village, Laguna Beach, among others. It all depends on the location, the distance and your favorite activities. Don´t forget to check out Air BnB.

On duty for Abordo Magazine at Jade Seahorse. This hotel is one of the coolest places on the island, made out of recycled materials.

I’ve also have stayed a couple of nights in Little Key, one of the beautiful keys of Utila. It has a spacious house with room for 18 people, two docks, and an amazing crystal-clear beach. You can also request for a private chef for your stay (Chef Mario, from Mario´s Place!). It´s located 20 minutes boat ride away from the main town, so make sure to take everything you need. Once there, the view is incredible and makes it the perfect place to relax away from home. For more info go to

Arriving at Little Key, a beautiful private key.

Would you go back? Of course, I could live there, it´s my happy place!

Neptunes en Coral Beach Village

Tips for someone planning to visit that place for the first time.

  • Expectations: if you are really laid back and easy going, but also like to party, this is the place for you. Don´t expect luxurious places.
  • High seasons: Easter week, July (Utila´s Carnaval), first week in October, and New Year´s Eve.
  • Hotel recommendations: Utila Lodge, Trudy´s, Coral Beach Village, Utopía Village. You can also find great places and good deals on Air BnB.
  • Excursions, tours and activities: day trips to the keys, scuba diving and snorkel, swimming with whale sharks (yes, big whale sharks!), and biking.
  • Dive centers: Underwater Vision, Utila Dive Center, Parrots Dive Center, and Alton´s Dive Center.

Snorkeling at the keys.

  • Overall heads up: Don’t forget to take plenty of insect repellent; mosquitos and sand flies are insane. Also, enough cash (US$ dollars or Lempiras (Honduran currency), because not all places take credit or debit cards.

    Sunset at Neptunes.

Were can we keep up with your adventures? You can follow my trips and adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as @juanmigueldiban. Don´t hesitate to ask for tips and travel advice. Thanks for reading!

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Six days in Beijing by #TravelersontheGO Giancarlos Merced

Where was your vacation/trip and how long did you visit that place?  Well, to be fair, it wasn’t exactly a vacation. I am currently studying abroad in Hong Kong until December but have had the opportunity to travel several times. To answer the question, I did some traveling for two weeks. I visited Beijing, Malaysia, and Singapore, respectively. Out of all the locations I visited I loved Beijing the most.

My classmates and I spent six days in Beijing. We visited historical landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Confucius’ Temple, Temple of Heaven, famous hutongs (alleyways) like Nanluoguxiang, the Great Wall…Shall I keep going? Haha.

Your favorite thing to do and eat there…I am a big lover of international foods. But I went very traditional in Beijing. Most of my meals were steamed dumplings, baozi, and the famous Peking duck.

Where did you stay? (If a hotel, name, and location) I stayed at the Otani Chang Fu Gong Hotel. It was a beautiful hotel with great breakfast, staff and located around 10 minutes from Tiananmen Square. Although I would recommend walking towards the nearby metro station of Jianguomen because traffic around this area can get hectic.

Would you go back? Why? I did go back! Haha. This was the second time visiting Beijing; the first time was when I studied abroad there for four months. So, you can say I love China.


Any tips for someone planning to visit  for the first time? I am sure a lot of people are not very familiar with Beijing or China in general. I wasn’t my first time visiting/living there. What I can recommend is to go with an open mind and no expectations. Stuff there is really cheap if you have US dollar, Euros, or Pounds.

For moving around, I recommend getting a metro card. Trips usually cost around 4 RMB, which is less than 1 US dollar.

What about visas? Well, the visa application is an easy one to fill out. Make sure to follow all the instructions as specified or risk getting rejected. The cost of the visa – if you apply at a Chinese consulate – will set you back around $140 US dollars but the benefit is, you could get multiple entries, meaning you can exit and come back to China how many times you want, and your visa has a lifespan of 10 years. How great is that?!


As for the language barrier, most people speak English, although not perfect, but enough to get your message across. If you are a foreigner, be ready to be stared at by locals, mostly the elderly. This is perfectly normal. Sometimes, you will be asked to get a picture taken with groups and hold babies because apparently it is a sign of good luck. No one gave ME any babies..

Any upcoming trips planned for this year? Where and when?  Yes! I have a huge backpacking trip coming up this winter. I am still working the entire logistics of it and can provide more information later on. I want it to keep it a secret for now but all I can say is that it will be somewhere in Asia for a length of 25 days. Did I mention I’m doing it alone? Yeah, it will be a heck of an adventure.

You can follow me on Instagram: gianwanders or visit my blog (which I hope to be more active this and the upcoming months)

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Weekend getaway with two of my girl friends- Karla with a K

Where was your vacation/trip and how long did you visit that place? We headed to Playa del Carmen and Tulum for one of my best friend’s bachelorette “getaway” ended up on a girl’s trip with 2 of my besties.

Yes, this is us after a very relaxing mud massage.?

We had the most amazing experience from relaxing on the beach sipping on “palomas” to swimming with turtles and exploring Playa del Carmen’s famous cenotes, to the Playa del Carmen nightlife and the tranquility of yoga on the beach in Tulum. This trip had everything we could have asked for and more for a relaxing but fun girl’s trip. For the independent woman that is 😉 But hey, we’re not 20 anymore!

Your favorite thing to do and eat there My favorite thing was the food!! Everything we ordered, from the ceviche to their corn on the cobb, I highly recommend indulging and staying away from diets!  Riding bikes in Tulum was also such a liberating experience! Felt like a kid again, wearing nothing but swimsuits cover ups and flip flops, and just letting loose!

This is what I call breakfast!

Delish pulpo

Where did you stay? We stayed at the Hyatt in Playa del Carmen. They recently just opened and I have nothing but great things to say about this hotel. Great service, breathtaking views and AMAZING food/drinks. Also very centric and well located!  In Tulum we stayed at the Nomade hotel. Definitely an experience, an earthy new hotel  from the same Be Tulum chain of hotels with such an eclectic vibe, and so in touch with nature. Something to experience for sure!

Lobby view from Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.

Yoga on the beach at Nomade Tulum.

Infinity pool at Hyatt Playa del Carmen.

Outdoor restaurant in Nomade Tulum.

Would you go back? ABSOLUTELY!!! Just say when!

Wherever you go, go with your heart.


Where can we keep up with your adventures and projects? You can find me on my blog, on Facebook Karla with a K and on Instagram as @k_karlawithak

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Camino de Santiago de Compostela- Maggie Jimenez

Where did you go? This past May, I traveled to Spain where I was fortunate to walk 300km in the beautiful Camino de Santiago de Compostela. It was a 16 day walk full of many blessings, including wonderful people that I met along the way and life lessons that I will never forget.


I have been very lucky to have traveled to different places in the world, but nothing compares to the experience in Santiago de Compostela. Its a journey that everyone should do at least once in your life. Its an unforgettable trip were you reconnect with your inner self and get to live amazing experiences along the way. I the most incredible people, true angels.

I confronted my fears and reconciled with my childhood….reconnected with that young Maggie that I had forgotten and needed so much. I have come to name this trip “Camino a mi fé” (“Walk to my faith”) and very soon will be sharing more details in my new blog. Stay tuned.

What did you enjoy doing the most? Favorite food? What I enjoyed the most was meeting new people from all over the world. Some of them were true angels and brought great lessons to my life. About the food…it was delicious! The menu of a pilgrim is very simple yet tasty and fresh. The food I had throughout the journey made me feel at home and reminded me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

What I really enjoyed having after walking for 25 – 30 km daily was caldo Gallego. Food from Galicia is delicious and in this region of Spain, you can have “pulpo gallego”, one of the best octopus I’ve had in my life. I will never forget the town of Melide and its restaurante, EZEQUIEL. Highly recommended!

Where did you stay? I don’t remember the names of all the places, specially the hostels because we visited 13 different towns. I do remember it was a very different experience and at first, and at first had a hard time going to bed in rooms with 15-20 other people. But as the days went by, I got more confortable and it turned out to be a great experience!

Would you go back?  Of course!!!  I would love to go back to and do the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with my two daughters. I would love for them to have that experience, get exposed to other cultures and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Its a journey that everyone should encounter. 


Tips for someone visiting for the first time. The most importante thing is be open minded and have no expectations. I recommend you go with an open heart to all the experiences and situations you will encounter. If you decide to do the walk like a true pilgrim, I recommend you stay in hostels. There are hotels where you can stay if you prefer, but if you want to have a true experience, hostel is the way. 

The food in Spain is delicious and in any town you go, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Food is cheap and 100% homemade, fresh and very tasty.

If you are a US Citizen, you will not need a visa. I do recommend you pack Advil, Tylenol or any pain releiver because trust me, your muscles will be aching. In all the towns you visit there are pharmacies in case of emergency.

Places to visit: all the churches in the medieval towns, la cruz de Fierro, la puerta del Perdón en la iglesia de Santiago en Molinaseca, el Castillo de Ponferrada , el Arbol de los sueños en Herrarias de Valcarce, el albergue del beso en Triacastela, el centro de Portomarin y la presa, and  la cruz de Monterroso
are all a “must”.


Next trips?  My next trip will hopefully be Germany. I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful country with my daughters. I also have planned to go to Acapulco in Mexico and Boston, Massachusetts where I will spend some days before my daughter Nicole starts college. I want to enjoy her as much as I can!


Where can we keep up with your traveling and new projects? Follow me at @jimenezmaggie via  Instagram and  Twitte,  Maggie Jimenez Page in Facebook , Maggie Jimenez Youtube channel y very soon, I will be launching by lifestyle and fashion blog. 

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4 days in India – Mauri Ferreira

Mauri has been a good friend of my mine from Honduras. We share the same passion for traveling and recently, he made an amazing trip to Europe and Asia. Let’s visit Mumbai, New Delhi and Agra through #TravelersontheGO, Mauri Ferreira – @ViajesdeunCatracho.
How was your experience? My first time in Asia and it was amazing. I loved learning about their culture, listening to their music and the best part, trying all the incredible food.
Favorite thing to do and food?  Agra was amazing as you can see the real India and its culture and of course its incredible monuments like the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. We took a car with a driver/guide from Delhi to Angra for a day trip. Food: As Indian is my favorite food, I just loved everything I tried, but if I have to choose, honestly, i would choose any “tikka masala” with white rice and cheese nan from the street 🙂
Where did you stay? I stayed at Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai and Hyatt Regency in New Delhi.
Would you  go back? Definitely!!!! Everywhere i went was a great experience in every way. India was a little overwhelming because it’s kind of messy and is crowded everywhere you go. The food was the best though.
Tips for people planning a trip there? Airbnb, uber, maps and craigslist are some of the many useful apps you should have for traveling. They work everywhere and they will make thing much easier, faster and cheaper. I always try to be at least three or four days in each city, traveling on a rush it is not that fun and is very tired. But if you don’t have that time, I totally recommend taking those hop on hop off buses that goes around the city, you save on transportation, and they make sure to take you to the most “popular” places.
What to expect?  India has the best food as I mentioned, even if you are not into spicy food. Expect crowded places, a lot of colors, the most wonderful and interesting monuments with great history.
Visas: As a Honduran, I needed a visa for India and Dubai, I got them both online and they sent them in less than a week. Click here for more information on visas. 
Upcoming trips?  I am planning a trip right now to Croatia in August.

Where can we keep up with your traveling adventures? @ViajesdeunCatracho
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Living the dream of visiting Morocco- Carla Santiago

For my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary we traveled to Morocco.

 Where was your vacation/trip and how long did you visit that place? Morocco in North Africa for 14 days

Mausoleum of King Mohammed V who achieved Morocco’s independence from France on November 18, 1956

I traveled with my parents and younger brother to Morocco during the last two weeks of November 2016 as part of my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary celebration! We were absolutely blown away by Morocco’s beauty, rich history, cleanliness, organization, safety and hospitality. I highly recommend it as a wonderful destination!

Selfie moment at Volubilis Archeological Site

Sunbathing with mi mamita at the Volubilis Archaeological Site

What was your favorite thing to do and eat?  Riding on a dromedary (camel) in the Sahara Desert to watch the sunset was incredible! Favorite food was Chicken Tagine and Couscous

Most delicious Moroccan #vegetarian lunch at the #fes #medina with #lentils #cauliflower #carrots #olives #babaganoush #sanmayinmorocco

Where did you stay? We visited Rabat, Fez, Ifrane, Erfoud, Ouarzazate, Marrakesh, Essaouira, and Casablanca

Mosque at the University of Al Quaraouiyine in #Fes, oldest university in the world built in 859 by a Tunisian woman. Pope Sylvester II studied here and in the year 1,000 introduced Arabic numbers to Europe.

Would you go back? Yes, most definitely! If I go back to Morocco, I’ll want to visit Tangier, a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar.

A tip for someone planning to visit that place for the first time. Dress in layers as the temperature is cooler than you might think; you are only warm when under the African sun.

Any upcoming trips planned for this year? Where and when? Feria de las Flores in Medellin, Colombia in August

Where can we follow your adventures and travels? @carlapuertorico

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