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Tips & Recommendations

Fear no more to flying with the help of some canines.

Luckily I have never been afraid of flying but I do realize that it is not the same for everyone. I have a friend who after getting married and has two daughters gets very nervous when flying. My boss had never been to Europe until recently because only the thought of being in a plane for 4+ hours terrified her. And just today, a colleague of mine confessed that she had never been a a plan because she is afraid of heights.


There are several ways to overcome the fear of flying. You can drink medicine, you can meditate, go to therapy, pray, enjoy a glass (or two) of wine, listen to music. etc. But very few people know what there are over 50 airports in the USA and Canada that offer volunteer Dog Therapy programs  that allows trained canines to wonder around (with their owners) through the airport to play, entertain and be pet by anyone who approaches them. According to several studies, playing an petting a dog can reduce high blood pressure and anxiety.

Last week I got to meet the “Miami Hound Machine” at the Miami International Airport. This program launched a couple of weeks ago with five dogs: Abbey, Pico, Donovan, Belle, y Dash- all certified dogs that are extremely playful, liked to be pet and know many tricks that will make you forget any fear of flights…and even your departure time (if you get too carried away)!

Here is a list of other airports in the USA and Canada that offer similar Dog Therapy Programs:

  • “PUP- Pets Unstressing Passengers” – Los Angeles Airport
  • “AmbassaDogs” –  Ft. Lauderdale Airport
  • “Paws for Love” – Buffalo/Niagara Airport
  • “Pet Therapy at EIA”-  Edmonton, Canada Airport
  • “Boarding Area Relaxation Corp (BARC)- Sacramento Airport
  • “Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS)- Denver Airport
  • “Paws for Passengers”– Asheville Airport
  • “Pups and Planes”- San Antonio Airport
  • “The Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI)– Vancouver Airport
  • “Navigator Buddies” – Phoenix Airport
  • “Traveler’s Tails”- Burbank Airport
  • “Caring Tails”-  Rochester Airport
  • “Animal Ambassadors”- St. Paul/Minneapolis Airport
  • “CLT Canine Crew”-  Charlotte/Douglas Airport
  • “Wag Brigade”- San Francisco Airport
  • “Gentle Fur in Action”- Michigan Airport
  • “Bright Spot Therapy Dogs” – Connecticut Airport
  • “Runway Rovers”- Northeast Arkansas Airport
  •  San Jose, California Airport
  • Punta Gorda, Florida Airport

Tips & Recommendations

5 Countries with Curious Easter Celebrations

Easter is the holiest day of the Christian Calendar and the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

However, one of the most popular symbols of this holiday is the “Easter Egg.”

So, if Easter has to do with Christ, where do the famous easter eggs come from?

According to History Channel, the egg was adopted as a symbol of easter sometime around the 13th century. The yolk inside the shell was a symbol god’s emergence from the tomb and eggs were painted red to represent the blood that Christ shed on the cross.

Over the years, people around the world have adopted their own Easter traditions and here we’ll show you how the famous holiday is celebrated in five different countries around the world.

Sweden- Easter Hags

Kids dressed as Easter hags. Photo via

Unlike many countries in Europe, Easter is considered a secular event in most parts of Sweden. In fact, feathers, painted eggs, and little witches (Easter hags) are the protagonists of this celebration on, which can take place on Maundy Thursday or Easter’s Eve, depending on the part of the country you’re at.

In this day kids go knocking door-to-door offering homemade Easter cards and receiving candy in return. Pretty similar to what Americans do on Halloween.

Hungary- Sprinkling

Sprinkling activities in Europe. Photo via Vajdahunyad Castle.

In Hungary, one of the most famous Easter customs is called “sprinkling.” Back in the day, people believed in the cleaning and fertility effects of water. Around this time of the year, girls are considered flowers and symbols of fertility that need to be cared for. So during Easter, boys would politely ask girls if they can sprinkle them and if they get a yes, they pour a bucket of water on them. Then, the boy receives painted eggs as a gift from the girls.

France- Easter Omelette

Giant Easter omelette in France. Photo via

A popular Easter celebration in Bessières, France is the cooking of a giant omelette. Thousands of people gather together on Easter Sunday to watch a group of chefs prepare a giant omelette that takes about 15,000 eggs. Once it’s ready, the omelette is served as lunch to the spectators of the event.

***The recipe: 15 thousand eggs, salt, pepper, onions and garlic. Enjoy!***

Verges, Spain- Danza de la Muerte

La Dansa de Mort in Cataluña. Photo via Xavi Calzada.

The town of Verges, in Catalonia, Spain, celebrates Holy Thursday with La Dansa de la Mort (Death Dance). During the procession, men dress up as skeletons, reenact scenes of the passion of Christ and dance to the rhythm of the drums.


Latin America- Burning of Judas

Judas burning in Latin America. Photo via Alamy.

In the majority of countries in Latin America, many of the Easter celebrations are linked to the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition to the different processions were civilians reenact biblical events, countries such as Mexico and Brazil practice the Burning of Judas Iscariot (the disciple that betrayed Jesus). Then, during Holy Week people build models of a Judas and burn them in the public squares or plazas.

Share with us how do You spend your Easter by using #TravelerontheGO and tagging us @maityonthego

Written by: Laura Molina

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The best places and advantages of traveling alone

“People do not make trips — trips make people.” -John Steinbeck, American writer

Every day, more people dare to take flight, take off their wings and explore this beautiful world in which we live. Fortunately, I have been able to be one of these people and on several occasions, I have traveled alone, and I am completely grateful for each of these opportunities.

There are risks of traveling alone – of course there are. Is it better to travel with a group of friends? Undoubtedly! But traveling alone is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, engage in conversation with other people, be the absolute owner of your time and eat everything you want.

The first time I visited Barcelona, I went for a walk in the Guell Park. Recommended.

So for all those who in this 2018 are already planning in their #MaityconmiGOPlanner to give themselves the opportunity to travel, here the advantages and some tips to enjoy to the fullest.

✈️ It has been discovered that traveling alone helps reduce stress levels and improves the connection with oneself. You have the opportunity to do what YOU want to do, control your schedule and you can visit all the places you like.

✈️ Traveling alone offers the lone traveler to reflect, relax and rest. Although you can get more expensive accommodation, rest better and recover sleep.

✈️Traveling alone can be an advantage when buying tickets. Many times it is easier to find a ticket or ticket office that two or three and almost always, are in a better location.

✈️ Traveling alone forces you to leave your comfort zone, meet new friends and talk with new people, try new food and participate in new activities, traditions and foreign customs. Be very careful about revealing personal information. I confess that more than once I have said a little white lie as my friends arrive in a few hours, or they are waiting for me in another place, when I do not feel comfortable saying that I am alone.

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Do not be afraid to ask someone to take your picture, or practice your selfies technique.

✈️ You can travel and move easily. If you are late to the train station or the airport, it is easier to run alone than to be waiting for a group. Also, if you have to change your reservation or ask for a seat or change of seat, you are more likely to do so for one person than for a group.

✈️ Always note the address where you are staying. Even if you know the way, it never hurts to have this information. And although the idea of traveling alone is often disconnected from the world, at least tell a person you trust your plans and location.

✈️ Leave your valuables at home (do not travel with them) or in the safe in the room.

Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, España.

✈️ Plan your route and study your map before going out into the street. You do not want to attract attention with a map in the middle of the street.

✈️ Take photos but wait to be back in the hotel or room to share them on social networks. So you make sure you are enjoying the moment and also avoid revealing to strangers your exact location. Making a #latergram always works and has many “likes”.

✈️ Download the translator to your mobile phone or learn the basic words to be able to communicate with locals.

Touring the streets of Copenhagen, the cleanest and safest cities. It is said that this is where the happiest people live.

 “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person. ” -Oscar Wilde

Believe me that when you travel alone, you will never feel alone. Like you, there are many people who are pursuing their dreams of exploring and knowing. One ends up meeting people who travel alone with the sole purpose of discovering, learning and enjoying their time in that country.

Dining alone in front of the Roman Colosseum.

Here is a list of safe and easy to travel cities only:

? Barcelona, España

? Seattle, Washington EEUU

? Austin Texas, EEUU

? Salzburg, Austria

? Copenhagen, Denmark

? Melbourne, Australia

? London, Reino Unido

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The best Christmas gifts for Travelers on the GO

We are a few days away from Christmas, and many have left shopping for the last minute. For all of you, (I include myself) here I have the ideal “wish list” for every traveler.

1.  “The Cities Book: A Journey Through the Best Cities in the World” de Lonely Planet  $50.00

Giving books is always a good idea, especially during the Christmas holidays. This book in particular collects impressive photos of more than 200 cities around the world … from Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar, offering tips, recommendations to enjoy these destinations to the fullest.

2. Baggage to your style.  $199.99- $259.99

Do not spend more headaches when you do not find your luggage. Now you can customize them with photos, designs, logos or any color you want. Made of vinyl and very colorful Ugo Bags offers free shipping and a one year warranty. Nothing bad!

3. Infinity Pillow- $39.00

This pillow is an innovation for those who can not be accommodated on the plane or anywhere else. The Infinity pillow is convertible, versatile, and very easy to load wherever you want as it can be accommodated in many ways to provide the best comfort. Infinity pillow bends, molds, adapts to any space and is very easy to wash.

4. Collar Perfect Travel $39.95

No more wrinkles or badly flattened clothes. This mini clothes iron has the ideal size to travel, 5 temperatures according to the type of fabric, and is has electricity connection for 110V and 220V. If you buy it now, you can receive a discount.

5. Solid Cologne from Duke– $25

There is no excuse for not smelling good. This cologne comes in solid form in an aluminum can of 1.5 oz., Which helps to load less liquids during the check by the TSA and is available in three different fragrances: air, earth, and citrus tones.

6. Olloclip iPhone Lens Set– $69.99-$199.99

Give your photos a special touch using these customizable lens to your smartphone. This lens allows you to capture images at a much wider angle and with an optical zoom up to three times more magnification.

7. Cork Globe– $109.65

This globe made of cork and stainless steel is ideal to mark colors to places that have already been visited or are still to be visited.

8. Scratch $26-$40

What better way to keep track of all the places you have visited than with this map where you are “scraping” each country. Perfect to put in the room or office.

9.  Bolsas par empacar tus artículos personales.

These cloth bags come with designs of the items that you must keep and organize in your luggage. The best part is that after the trip, you can wash them and ready them for the next adventure.

10. Maity ConmiGO Planner  – $19.99

When it comes to traveling, being prepared is essential. That’s why I decided to create, design and put on sale first “Maity conmiGO Planner, an agenda and travel plan that has an annual calendar, a guide to make a budget, a savings plan, lists of things you should pack and the day of travel, enough space to write notes and tips and recommendations so that your trips are pleasant and unforgettable.

So that’s it, here are some ideas to go shopping and give someone who loves to travel, a good Christmas gift! Do not forget to tag your trips and travel gifts to #TravelersOnTheGo and @MaityOnTheGo.

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#TiempoparaMi in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I did not want more time to pass bye before telling you about my escape to Playa del Carmen, Mexico a few days ago. My friends of Aveeno & Neutrogena organized a girls trip where various friends of Miami and NewYork went and we disconnected from our daily routines to enjoy a real “#TiempoParaMi “.

Upon arriving at Playa del Carmen, our first activity was an all white dinner.

The Aztec gods where there to receive us.

Aboard a ship they took us to the secret place where the welcome dinner was hosted.

Our  fresh flower crowns matched perfectly with the event “feeling” & our white clothing.

At the sea’s shore and beneath hundredths of lights we enjoyed an exquisite dinner. Without doubt this was only the beginning to what was awaiting for all of us.

Next morning, very early we had an appointment to pamper ourselves. The indications where the following: be punctual, no makeup except Aveeno’s new face cream  (btw it is AMAZING)  and confortable clothes.

I had just woken up yet I was ready to enjoy “#TiempoparaMi “

Dear, Dr. Berthe Baum, presented all the new 2018  products for our skin care.

Aveeno Positively Radiant & Aveeno Absolutely Ageless are some of my favorites.

All ready for a massage with the new products of Aveeno & Neutrogena.

On my way to receive one of the best massages of my life… thanks to Patty at Banyan Mayakoba

Take a look at the room where the massages where done.

Every single detail was well thought in order to make us feel like queens. THANK YOU!

I literally felt I was floating after the tremendously needed massage. As if that wasn’t enough, they later took us to the Rainforest part of the spa where we enjoyed pools with different waters and temperatures, saunas, jacuzzis, and everything you can imagine.

Once we were very relax, we went on bike rides around all the Banyan Mayakoba property.

On your marks, get set, GO!


I was HAPPY with my bike with basket and everything. It brought me back to the good years, where I rode a bike to school with my brothers.

As we finished… time to celebrate with tequila. Cheers!


With the ladies responsible for organizing this unforgettable trip to Mexico.


The amazing CCom Group Team doing the #SaltodeMaity


THANKS Aveeno for reminding me of how important it is to make time for myself #TiempoparaMi.

Tips & Recommendations

#MaityConmiGOPlanner: Just what you need to plan all your trips.

After several months and long hours working on my “project”, I can finally introduce the first Maity on the GO product, my #MaityConmiGOPlanner.

While talking with some friends one day, I decided to tell them I wanted to design an agenda. They were a little surprised at this confession and the questions began. Without having much detail or knowing how I would achieve this, I told them how I have always loved to write and take notes in notebooks or diaries. Although today I have a calendar on my computer and cell phone, I prefer to write down everything I do, each trip, each important date with my own handwriting and at the end of the year, review everything I accomplished in those twelve months.

So once I overcame the fear of undertaking a new project, I decided to seek help from people who really know this business. I had the fortune to meet a graphic designer who is not only talented and creative but since I told him “my idea” on the phone, he believed in it. Also to this adventure, I was joined by a family that owns a printing house who patiently listened to my “plan” and although their clients ask for orders of thousands of impressions, they made an exception with me, all to help me boost my own business.

Inside #MaityConmiGOPlanner you can find a calendar and space to write which countries you want to visit.

This agenda and trip planner has complete calendars, per week and tips, so that each trip is pleasant. From my experience, I can tell you that many times we put the lack of money as an excuse for not traveling, so in this agenda, you will find a guide for a savings plan. This will help you to make a travel budget and then plan how you will save.

Savings Plan #MaityConmiGOPlanner

Once you have everything ready for your trip, at #MaityConmiGOPlanner you will have a list of things to pack and everything you need to do on the day of the trip. Many times because of the excitement and nerves due to the vacation we stop doing things that are extremely important. With this checklist, you will definitely avoid a headache.

For all travelers, no matter where they are going, the list of “What cannot be missing in my luggage” and the list of “things to do on the day of the trip” will be very useful.

#MaityconmiGOPlanner has room for daily notes.

So if you are looking for a Christmas gift or something to gift yourself that will inspire you to leave your comfort zone and fight for your dreams, I invite you to consider the #MaityconmiGOPlanner. In it, you will find the tools and tips to travel and it will be the agenda that will accompany you throughout the year in each of your projects.

THANK YOU in advance for all the support, the love and for being my accomplices and inspiration that help me to continue chasing my dreams.

Click here to buy now. Shipments are made in the USA and very soon they will be available in Honduras.

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10 tips to travel for the Holidays

Many people take advantage of the Holidays to travel, to visit family, celebrate with friends, or simply escape from the daily routine. Wednesday before Thanksgiving begins the most congested time in airports and roads and that’s why I decided to share with you these tips that will help you to have a more pleasant experience, zero stress and above all, save some money during this holiday season.

Here are my 10 recommendations for a trip … on the GO!

1. If you already have fixed dates to travel make sure you buy your travel ticket in advance. Since the beginning of the year you know that Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, that Christmas is December 25 and New Year on January 1 so plan and buy the ticket ahead of time. This way you can save money since airline tickets are usually cheaper and you can have better options of schedules and seats.

2. To avoid airport chaos and going bankrupt during the Holidays, the best days to travel during this time are Thursday of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, December 25th. Usually the rates are much cheaper and less popular since many people do not like to wake up at 3 A.M. and take a night flight better known as the “red eye”.

3. Identify which airline is best for you to travel and subscribe to their “newsletter” or weekly email. Also monitor the website of the airline since it often has “flash sales.” These last minute deals that are usually offered during an entire day. Usually, companies make these offers around the same time each year. So choose your favorite airlines, find out when was the last “flash sale” they had and take advantage of the deals!

4. Before buying airline tickets invest a little time finding out how much it would cost you to buy one way tickets. Many times buying portions of the flights separately can be cheaper.. Personally, I like to use Google flights to compare tickets on different airlines.

5. Minimize stress and waiting time at airports by registering to the “TSA PreCheck” program. This helps speed up the pre-screening process, reduces waiting time, eliminates the inconvenience of removing shoes, liquids, computers, etc. “TSA PreCheck” requires you to fill out an application, an in person appointment which is usually at the airport. The program costs  $ 85 for 5 years. In case you have any questions, watch the video going through security with  TSA PreCheck. If you travel outside of the United States, I recommend the Global Entry program that facilitates and ensures less time in line for immigration.

6. If you are traveling to visit family and friends, consider sending gifts by mail. Nowadays, many of us buy “online” so make sure you send your purchases or gifts to the final destination. That way you save space and money for excess baggage and make sure everything arrives on time. If you decide to take gifts in your luggage, avoid wrapping or packing them as TSA has the right to open any packaging if deemed necessary or suspicious.

7. Regardless of the means of transport, pack snacks. The food on the airplanes is not the best and it is not the cheapest, so if you can, get to the airport well eaten.  In road trips you do not want to waste time stopping to eat at all times so plan and take snacks for the road. Very soon we will have a list of the meals you should pack for those long trips.

9. For those traveling by road, these are the best trips if everything goes well … and you plan ahead. If you are traveling by car, make sure that your vehicle has all the updated maintenance, incorporate fun activities during the trip, plan to stop at different places and enjoy the food and local areas. You can also download the GasBuddy application that informs you of gas stations that have the best bathrooms and best gas prices.

10. Be patient and watch your surroundings. It is impossible to predict a natural disaster, illness, terrorist attack, or any situation that may affect your vacation, but you can be prepared for any eventuality. Many people who travel internationally buy insurance for their trips using   World Nomads. This covers you in case you have to cancel the trip at the last moment and any emergency. There is also the free program, Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which lets you know which embassies and consular offices are closest to you.

Don’t forget to share your tips and aventures tagging  @MaityontheGO and using #TravelersontheGO

Happy Holidays!

Tips & Recommendations

Travel Pillow Talk. A good investment or a waste of money?

I used to think that travel pillows were a waste of money and, instead of bringing comfort during your trip, they looked undesirable, uncomfortable and uncool. But think again! There is more to love in these silly-looking-donut-shaped pillows and here are some reasons why:

#5 – Airplane seats are getting more and more uncomfortable every day, so why not bring your own pillow to rest your head. Keep in mind that only a few airlines are still proving pillows and who knows where the pillows have been before they get to you.

#4 – Travel pillows actually give you support! Surprised? Even if you are watching a movie, they serve as a nice cushion and balance
for your head and neck.

#3 – Pillows keep your back and neck straight helping avoid stiff neck and back ache during long flights.

#2 – They help you stabilize your body while seated and if you doze off and fall asleep, it prevents you from tilting your body, falling on your neighbor or putting your face against the window.

#1 – They are cheap!

During my last visit to Marshalls, while I was waiting in line, decided to “test” some of the pillows and here’s what I found:

Cool gel and bamboo microbead – $12.99

Designer Isaac Mizrahi travel pillow- $11.99

Wrap around-your-neck in 3 different ways- $9.99

What something more fashionable: BEBE therapeutic travel pillow- $9.99

???- $7.99

Soft velvet travel pillow- $12.99

So if you don’t want to lay your head on your neighbor or walk off the plane with a stiff neck, consider packing a travel pillow for your next trip!

What has been your experience with travel pillows? Do you have a favorite? Share your comments and suggestions with other #TravelersontheGO. ✈️

Tips & Recommendations

The craziest and most fun rollercoasters

Yesterday I had the the opportunity to ride all 5 main rollercoasters at Busch Gardens Park in Tampa, Florida, and let me tell you, my blood pressure and nerves were tested from the start but I had FUN.

Fist ride was “Cheetah Hunt”, the park’s longest thrill-ride attraction inspired in the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah.

My next stop was “Cobra’s Curse”, one of the few spinning coasters in the US. During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph down 2,100 feet of serpentine-like track, traveling backward, forward and then spinning freely.

After catching my breath, I went ahead to our third rollercoaster of the day. With a top speed of 65Mph, “Montu” is known for its speed and inversions. Did I mention your feet hang in the air? The feeling of free-fall is super intense and your screams disappear in the wind. Yikes!

Falcon’s fury is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America and my 4th ride of the day. Like a falcon, riders then pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position at 300 feet in the air. An instant later they’ll plunge 60 mph straight down! It’s an immediate, heart-pounding thrill inspired by skydiving – and the comparisons are obvious from that vantage point.

Finally, a 200-foot extreme drop called “Sheikra” was waiting for me.  It broke the records for the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest Dive Coaster when it first opened and is listed as one of the top 20 rollercoasters in the US.

And if you are a rollercoaster fanatic, here’s a list of some of the craziest, wildest, and coolest-looking rollercoasters in the US:

*GOLIATH, SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND- Goliath is so intense they had to invent a whole new category of super-coasters just to describe it… a Giant Inverted Boomerang. Hurdle down a blisteringly fast trio of inversions, then boomerang backwards.

*RIDE OF STEEL, DARIEN LAKE, NY – Soar on Ride of Steel a high-speed steel hypercoaster that exceeds 70 mph! Darien Lake’s flagship roller coaster climbs a 208-foot lift hill, then comes screaming down a 205-foot drop at a 70-degree angle. Ride of Steel has plenty of “airtime” or negative G-forces found on multiple hills, drops and bunny hops throughout the roller coasters “out and back” layout.

*X2 AT SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN, VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA-  An utterly unique coaster, X2 is the world’s first “4th dimension” thrill machine. Its seats are on the left and right wings of the train, and they spin (in the 4th dimension) independent of the train as it travels the track. With a nearly vertical 215-foot drop and speeds reaching 76 mph, it is intimidating and totally disorienting. What a rush!

*DIAMONDBACK AT KINGS ISLAND, MASON, OH- Diamondback is the first hyper coaster to feature a splashdown. Scoops positioned at the back sides of the last car on each train send water soaring at heights of 50 ft (15 m) as the train passes. The riders don’t get wet in the splashdown. They are used for a visual effect as well to slow the train down.

*APOLLO’S CHARIOT, BUSCH GARDENS, JAMES CITY COUNTY, VA- Born of myth and imagination, Apollo’s Chariot® soared high up on the list of favorite coasters when it debuted–and hasn’t come down since. While it’s consistently ranked as one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world, few rides come close to the experience waiting for you here. Like the Olympian sun god, Apollo’s Chariot  races toward daring heights, only to dazzle riders on the way back down with one of the smoothest, fastest trails ever blazed. From mind-bending climbs to the weightless wonder of floating airtime, you’ll see what has kept coaster enthusiasts coming back for more year after year–and why Apollo’s Chariot reigns as one of the mightiest coasters of all time.

And if you are traveling abroad, and always looking for your next roller-coaster challenge, keep these in mind:

*STEEL DRAGON, NAGASHIMA SPA LAND, JAPAN- Steel Dragon 2000 uses a traditional lift hill (rising an incredible 318 feet) and gravity to propel it to a face-melting speed. At four minutes and with a length of 8133 feet, the coaster is the world’s longest.

*BEHEMOTH, CANADA’S WONDERLAND, VAUGHAN, ONTARIO Features prototype open air seating. Every rider has a “front-row” seat.

*STEALTH, THORPE PARK, ENGLAND One of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters. Prepare to be propelled from 0-80 mph to 205ft in under 2 seconds and experience the same brake horse power of two Formula 1 cars.

*HAIR RAISER, HONG KONG, CHINA The fastest, craziest (and bottomless) roller coaster in Hong Kong

*FORMULA ROSSA, FERRARI WORLD, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The world’s fastest roller coaster! Enough said.

What is your favorite roller coaster? Share your tips, experiences and recommendations with other adrenaline junkies.


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