About Me

Hi, I am Maity Interiano, I am thirty two years old, was born in Gainesville, Florida but grew up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

I graduated from Elon University in North Carolina as a Journalist and have been working on TV as a producer, reporter and host, for the past 10 years. I currently live in Miami, Florida, but more often than not, I live on a plane.

I won an Emmy award for hosting the Rose Parade in 2015, was chosen as Premios TV y Novelas Favorite TV host in 2014, and I got to live in Brazil for forty days and cover the FIFA World Cup. Last year I join Elon University’s Young Leadership Council, and this coming May, I will be giving the Commencement speech to the graduating class of 2017!

I’ve also had the great opportunity to meet and interview top celebrities and be part of historical events such as the Canonization of Saint Mother Teresa which I witnessed and reported from Rome. I’ve had the privilege to participate in panels, speeches and share my story both in the US and in Honduras, where I go back as often as I can, to visit my family and Fundacion Amor y Vida, a nonprofit that I volunteer for and is home to 32 orphan children and young adults that are HIV positive.

I am very grateful for all the things that I have been able to do and the ones that are yet to come…“Maity on the Go”.

“Maity on the Go” has been a project that I wanted to start from a long time ago. Here I wish to share with you my traveling experiences, tips, recommendations, and make this a place where you and I share useful information to make the next trip, the best experience ever!

Thanks for joining me on #MaityontheGo

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