Travelers on the Go

Besides sharing with you all my traveling experiences, adventures, and tips I also want YOU to share yours.
Check out what these “Travelers on the Go” are up to! Don’t be shy and send over your photos and recommendations to
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 Journey to the Holy Land  

with my Family – Vicky B. 

Life changing experience at 

Bali, Indonesia- Eva Calderon

Becky Garcia discovers  

Oaxaca, Mexico 

Matt Huet explores 

Kenya and Tanzania 

Tinti Chipi’s

South African Adventures

Dani gets lost in the vibrant

and magical colors of Colombia

Viaje de pareja por Roma-

Mari y Carlos Lajara

Visitando Peru con mi familia-

Ines Marrou

Descubriendo El Salvador

con LipstickFables

Taking over Asia with my family-

Juliana Valderrama

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