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Where to see the best fireworks this July 4?

West Palm Beach, FL. Photo by @WestPalmbch

No matter what day of the week you fall and wherever you are, every 4th of July is celebrated for all time (literally) on US Independence Day. It is customary during the day, to prepare in family or among friends a rich BBQ, and at night, the sky is painted of fireworks as a symbol of victory and freedom.

This is the “American way” of celebrating the most important day of this great nation.

And who does not like a beautiful pyrotechnic show? I love it! Year after year, thanks to the creativity of the people and new technology, the fireworks are getting better and better.

Jetties Beach in Nantucket. Photo by: @photohoenk

Today July 4th, “Maity On The Go” Travel from coast to coast for the cities that stand out in having the best and most visual “fireworks” of the United States … are you with me?

-Washington DC.—-

If you live or are near the capital, the best place to enjoy pyrotechnic fires for the 4th of July is in the National Mall. Find a place near the water of the Washington Monument so you can live the complete experience. The light show lasts approximately 17 minutes.

Travel tip: If you prefer something more private, I recommend reserving (with time) a boat trip on the Potomac River, so you can comfortably enjoy the fireworks.

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—-New York City—-

Without a doubt, the largest pyrotechnic show in the country for many years has been held in New York. Your best vantage point is near the Brooklyn Bridge, and look for your space bordering the East River. From there, you can see this show that, besides using the latest in lights and fireworks, also offers concerts with live music. If you are near the Big Apple, I invite you to be part of the 3 million people who come to see the show every year, although this year there is a lot of uncertainty since it is said that the greatest amount of fireworks will be between the Lanes 24 and 41.

Photo by: @miznaola


—-Boston, MA—-

Before leaving the East Coast, it should be mentioned that Boston also offers a spectacular show on the Charles River. Highly recognized because the show is accompanied by live music from the Boston Pops Orchestra, which makes this experience unique and memorable.

Photo by: @pupandpig


—-Nashville, TN—-

The Music Capital, Nashville, offers every July 4th a choreography of music and pyrotechnics that leave big boys and their mouths open. This grand event attracts more than 200,000 people each year and is considered the most famous and busiest light show in the southern United States. So, if you’re near Nashville, put on your boots and celebrate the best “Southern” style this July 4 (or the next).

Photo by: @codeovermatter


—-Lake Tahoe, CA—-

The lake and Sierra Nevada make the Lake Tahoe light show unique and magical. This show is recognized for being one of the most impressive in the United States. It attracts more than 125,000 people every year and the show lasts approximately 30 minutes!

Travel tip: If you can not go on July 4, Lake Tahoe also offers this pyrotechnical show at Labor Day

Photo by: @seelikeafingerprint


—-San Francisco, CA—-

Within a few hours of Lake Tahoe, you will find the San Francisco Bay area.

If you want your July 4th to be memorable in this beautiful city, come early to Fishermans Wharf, on Pier 39, where you can see the show surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people! But if you want to avoid the crowds, head to the Coit Tower at Pioneer Park.

Photo by: @peteykstyles


Tips to celebrate big without so much complication:

  • Arrives early. Plan to leave home early enough.
  • Try using public transport, taxi or Uber to get to your destination and avoid headache when looking for parking.
  • Carry a backpack with basic snacks. Make sure before leaving the house that the park or place that you go, allows you to enter backpacks. For security, some places will have stricter rules.
  • Take cash / cash! Not all shops receive credit card, in addition, the transaction is faster.
  • Charge your phone or camera very well to take enough photos and share them on the networks using #MaityontheGo 🙂

Photo by: @zeytinnewyork