Manaus, the city in the heart of the Amazon.

Ever wondered what it would be like to get lost in the Amazon? Three years ago I got the chance to visit Manaus, Brasil and absolutely loved it. Very different than Rio,  Sao Paulo, Curitiba or any other cities in Brasil,  Manaus has a tropical climate all year around and is located in the heart of the Amazon River.


There is so much to see in Manaus and its surroundings. It is one of those port cities that I would definitely go back to.

Make sure to go the port and see all the different boats loading and unloading passengers and goods. I was impressed by all the trading and commerce.

A MUST SEE! “Encontro Das Aguas” (Meeting of Waters). Located just a few kilometers outside of Manaus is the site where two very different rivers meet and converge (but never mix together). Here, the dark waters of Rio Negro and Rio Solimões swim together and make an astounding unique natural wonder, one could describe this phenomenon as oil and water trying to combine.

Make sure to check out the floating houses found in the Amazon.

#MaityontheGo tips:
✈️ Arrive: Eduardo Gomes International Airport
💸 Currency:  Brazilian Real . $1US dollar = 3BRL (approx.)
🏧 Most ATM’s are used exclusively by bank customers and can only be accessed with a specific bank card. So be prepared to
exchange your money in a currency exchange store.
🛌 Accommodations range from cheap shared rooms starting at $20 and if you prefer a more comfortable stay, Manaus has 5-star
hotels starting at $300